Monthly Archive: July 2005


It seems there is someone selling computers and parts on eBay under the name of “Xtreme Computing and Parts.” They’ve been doing so since 2004, and have an impressive number of positive ratings from buyers.

They should not be confused with us, XTreme Computing, operating under the name since 1996, with an online presence since 1997.

Apparently this has been the source of calls recently, regarding computers people think they purchased from us. The seller in question has no means of contact via their eBay store other than a contact form. Presumably when they make a sale, the buyer at least gets an e-mail address.

However, it makes sense that people assume this is a business they can find more complete contact info for by searching online. That turns us up instead, as apparently the people using a variant of our name have no presence outside of eBay. Doh.

Odd, too, that this has only come up recently. They’ve been around long enough that if people were calling about not receiving a computer, or with questions, or wanting support, it should have happened sooner.

It’s also possible the problem is not “Xtreme Computing and Parts,” but I am making a logical extrapolation.